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We are seeking an Industrial Electrician to support production and facility needs on day shift.

  • Read and interpret drawings and electrical code specifications to determine layout of industrial electrical equipment installations.
  • Install, examine, replace or repair electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits, feeders, cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components
  • Test electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, current, voltage and resistance
  • Maintain, repair, install and test switchgears, transformers, switchboard meters, regulators, power factor units, electrical motors, electrical mechanisms and electrical measuring equipment.
  • Maintain, repair, test and install electrical motors, generators, industrial storage batteries and hydraulic and pneumatic electrical control systems
  • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair industrial electrical and electronic control systems and devices including but not limited to faults in extruders, vacuum formers, materials systems, facility power distribution systems and any electrical related systems
  • Monitors performance of all electrical equipment for hazards, adjustments or replacements through a formalized electrical PM system.
  • May be contacted to work on a call-in basis
  • Liaison with Hydro inspectors and outside contractors.
  • Performs various duties, such as refurbishing defective equipment, new electrical installations and PLC or other controller programming.
  • Ensures an adequate inventory of electrical supplies, while keeping costs to a minimum.
  • Works closely with other Maintenance Team and Technical Group team members.
  • May be required to assist the Maintenance Crew; participate in company-sponsored training; perform other maintenance functions which you have the skill and ability to perform.
  • Works within Company and Provincial safety rules and regulations, wears safety equipment as required. Promotes safety awareness throughout the facility.
  1. Minimum of 5 years full-time, recent experience as an Industrial Electrician
  2. A current Certificate of Qualification as a Construction Maintenance Electrician (309A or 309D license) or Industrial Electrician (442A license )
  3. Ability to read blueprints and schematics.
  4. Ability to communicate with all inside and outside contacts.
  5. Experience in the automotive parts fabrication industry, experience with extruders and vacuum formers is preferred

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