Tooling Manager

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The Tooling Manager will be responsible for managing the design, development, and implementation of the following tools in order support the development of new products and programs:
• Compression / glass fiber / vac-forming molds, tooling, fixtures and assembly equipment.


• Managing tooling and automation programs by providing technical expertise and managing program builds as part of the Program Management process
• Specify tools, fixtures and equipment where required
• Develop product specification to our purchasing teams to quote
• Creates tooling standards and tooling design review check lists (ensures all tools and equipment meets standards and compliance)
• Assists with tool shop supplier development and directs the tool builder regarding tool design issues
• Coordinate and integrate work within teams of engineers and technicians to work on common projects. Assume project management roles to co-ordinate the involvement of other engineers, contractors, technicians and suppliers
• Recognize and resolve technical difficulties associated with particular projects prior to production
• Assist in developing processes for every job prior to manufacturing
• Oversee design and draft tools for machining and assembly on allocated projects
• Develop and/or modify designs for fixtures and assembly products
• Liaison with manufacturing personnel to assist in overcoming production problems
• Analyze tooling and automation design needs and balance in house work with subcontracted work to optimize timing and costs
• Design and obtain manufacture of all special tooling needed for production run jobs
• Support the RFQ process for new and existing programs (engineering changes)


• 5+ years’ experience in a machining environment
• Extensive in-depth knowledge of tooling, fixtures and automation in molding processes
• Able to communicate requirements clearly
• Demonstrated prior experience contributing positively to multi-disciplinary project teams
• Experience with the use of statistical analysis software and computer-assisted design, manufacturing and machining
• Able to determine which materials, methods and tools to use for projects and decide the appropriate codes and standards to apply when completing these projects.

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