Our Brand

Over 40 years ago,
we began our green way of thinking.

Hematite was “thinking green” before it was ever in vogue. In 1978, a chemical engineer named Charles Pavanel created a way to turn scrap materials from auto manufacturing processes into quality products that could be reinstalled as a new component in the vehicle. The idea came to Mr. Pavanel while working with The Ford Motor Company on a research and development project to find a way to recycle their PVC trim scrap. This waste was filling landfill sites at a rate of 16-20 million pounds per year from only two of their Michigan-based facilities. The success of this project gave Mr. Pavanel the incentive to begin making products for other automotive manufacturers using these newly created recycled materials.

Diverting manufacturing waste from automotive manufacturing processes didn’t just become a mission to Mr. Pavanel, it was a way of life – a Renew™ new way of thinking.

We’re customer-centric – not because of a mission statement, but because of how we live our brand.

Today, Hematite is a dynamic, full-service, Tier 1 supplier committed to engineering and integrated manufacturing of world-class, recycled products. Our ‘green’ pledge continues to be the foundation of the Hematite brand, which is clearly visible in our closed-loop Reform™ process. Using Reform™, we design and manufacture automotive products that help manage the impact of acoustics, airflow, and water on vehicles. And at the same time, help customers reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Charles Pavanel was a relentless innovator. Today, his renew way of thinking is woven throughout Hematite, driving its continued innovation and success in the automotive industry.

With our 4 pillars of success model, we continue to build on Mr. Pavanel’s commitment, innovation and philosophy.

It starts with our 4-pillars of success.

People – where the heart of our company lives.

Our culture and brand is very important to us. We encourage our teams to live our brand every day. Not only do our customers benefit, but so do our employees. They are challenged, rewarded and they grow as individuals and professionals.

Attracting talent and skill at the optimum level makes us a dynamic company. Smart people with a passion to doing things right makes us a better company. So Hematite puts people at the highest of its priorities. Want to join our dynamic team?

Work here

Pledge - To be socially responsible.

Social responsibility is in our DNA. It’s a pledge we make in many areas of our business. Since 1978, we were thinking green, well before it was in fashion. Today, it continues strong as we innovate with the help of our teams and strategic partners.

Green Thinking

Process – integrated from start to finish.

While many companies might talk green, many are just green on the surface. At Hematite, our roots are green. And with Reform™ and an integrated manufacturing process, we continue to innovate with the goal to turn our commitment to being green into the manufacturing of precision, world-class, engineered products.

Our processes

Products – quality automotive and industrial products

We’re focused on working closely with customers to innovative, design and manufacture products that serve a real need for vehicles today and tomorrow, making them quieter, drier and aero-efficient. In addition to the automotive market, Hematite engineers and manufactures products that serve industrial markets.

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