Quality Commitment

Attention to quality is part of hematite's culture

Quality comes from being engaged, taking pride in what we do, and having a devotion to the needs of each customer.

Hematite recognizes that the products we ship and the services we provide must satisfy our customers’ expectations at all times. Through our Quality Management System we:

  • Understand the needs of our customers and interested parties
  • Ensure that our team members understand and take responsibility for complying with the needs of our customers
  • Use prevention and failsafe methods to make sure these needs are met
  • Continuously improve the quality of our products, services and the quality management system
  • Support the quality objectives and targets set per strategic direction
  • Maintain commitment to satisfy applicable requirements

We’re customer-centric – not because of a mission statement, but because of how we live our brand.

Our brand is focused on customer solutions and satisfaction. Our engineering teams take a proactive approach to optimizing part design, and are fast to optimize product designs for customers. We provide engineered solutions primarily to the automotive industry, emphasizing recycled plastic technologies. As part of our goal to live a brand that supports the needs of all stakeholders – from customers to employees to shareholders to manufacturing partners – Hematite remains focused on:

  • Approaching challenges from a team perspective
  • Continuously improving all business processes with emphasis on product innovation, quality, production-efficiency and customer service
  • Generating profit for the benefit of our shareholders and employees
  • Reinvesting internally for sustained growth

At Hematite we greatly value safety in the workplace, integrity and a strong work ethic.

Customer Recognition for our Quality

Hematite proudly meets high standards set by customers. We have been awarded quality recognition from our customers that include:

  • Q1 Certified by Ford
  • Quality Performance Achievements from Toyota
  • Supplier of the Year from GM
  • Outstanding Quality Performance from FCA
  • Superior Value Analysis Achievement from Toyota


Supplier Quality Manual

Hematite values our supplier relationships and are committed to communicating clearly our needs and expectations.  Here can be found our Supplier Quality Manual, and within it are the standard requirements for all purchased product.  It is the supplier’s responsibility to have a process to check for updated revisions, and cascade these requirements as appropriate throughout their organization and Quality Management System.


Quality Certifications