Manufacturing: R&D

Research & Development is always ongoing at Hematite

Every material we develop at Hematite is based on R&D. As customer programs are completed and new materials are specified by our customer, the material streams change. This requires research and development to come up with a new blend or material solution.

As a result of our R&D efforts, Hematite can recycle a wide range of materials and is on the leading edge of recycled product innovation:

• Incorporating tire crumb into plastic parts
• Incorporating forestry waste into parts
• Recycling of PET trim waste back into product
• Re-use of co-mingled materials back into the process

Our R&D facilities are continually developing, redeveloping and improving on the materials we work with.

  • Developing and testing new textile applications, materials and processes for improvement of cost, quality and performance
  • Benchmarking new vehicles through vehicle teardowns to determine different areas of opportunity
  • Acoustical analysis conducted in-vehicle to compare various material performances
  • In lab acoustical analysis on material NVH performance
  • Developing a recycled material to replace a current virgin material and avoid landfill costs and improve the environment
  • Developing methods of using our own trim waste back into the part itself.
  • Developing lightweight materials for various vehicle applications
  • State of the art testing equipment and software to test automotive and non-automotive applications