The Reform™ Process

Since our inception, Reform™ has diverted hundreds of millions of pounds of waste from heading to the landfill.

One of the most valuable benefits to our customers is Hematite's Reform™ process, which helps them reduce costs and their carbon footprint. Hematite believes in protecting the environment for present and future generations. We're a leader in environmental responsibility.

Reform supports our pledge
to continuous renewal.

Reform™ is Hematite’s closed-loop process aimed to reduce the impact of waste on our planet.

Reform™ is a closed-loop process which takes manufacturing scrap from customers and runs it through a series of complex separation stages that results in re-useable materials. Our recycling plant sends the renewed materials to one of our manufacturing facilities to be formed back into new, recycled and recyclable high-quality products. These products are highly engineered to help customers manage a variety of environmental impacts on the vehicle including acoustics, airflow and water deflection.

Since Reform™ began, the company has removed over 10 million pounds of trim scrap waste annually that was destined for landfill sites. Reform™ has also successfully reduced each customer’s reliance on virgin materials, thus reducing their costs and carbon footprint.

Reform™ makes significant reduction impacts in 3 key areas


Reliance on virgin materials

Manufacturing scrap destined for landfills is run through a series of complex separation stages that results in re-useable, high quality materials.


Costs of manufacturing

Our customers' manufacturing costs are reduced by using the renewed materials that result from Hematite's sophisticated Reform™ process.


Impact on the environment

Every year, Reform™ is responsible for diverting over 10 million pounds of manufacturing waste that would have been heading to landfill sites.